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Mr Newman to Good Brother w.e.f 04.03.18
Dan The Man to Imperial Win w.e.f 04.02.18
Sun Thunder to Ultra Hero w.e.f 02.01.18
Areion to Imperium w.e.f 11.12.17
Crown Prince to Raja Mahkota w.e.f 06.12.17
Po'de Ouro to Raja Mahesa w.e.f 06.12.17
Easy Dragon to Sokor Gedebe w.e.f 05.12.17
Allez to Akil Strikes w.e.f 29.11.17
North Sky to Mr Wolff w.e.f 29.11.17
One Degree North to Once A Thief w.e.f 29.11.17
Changbai Mountain to So On w.e.f 29.11.17
Lake Huka to Premium Stars w.e.f 23.10.17
Mangatoetoenui to I'm Coming Baby w.e.f 23.10.17
Wonderful Prince to Hawaiian King w.e.f 12.09.17
Alamak Boy to Sonic-X w.e.f 06.09.17
Joe to Meteor Two w.e.f 31.08.17
River Gold to River Golden w.e.f 25.08.17
Bourbon Harmony to Rocket Fighter w.e.f 13.07.17
High Blade to Our Genius w.e.f 13.07.17
Be The Only Horse to Mango Man w.e.f 12.07.17
Lim's Season to Showjet w.e.f 04.07.17
Rush-More to Zion Splendour w.e.f 03.07.17
Symbolic Gesture to OD Star w.e.f 02.07.17
Deauville to Flying Darci w.e.f 21.06.17
Waipakihi to Soldado w.e.f 18.06.17
Damon to Lim's Reform w.e.f 12.06.17
Bangkok to Augustano w.e.f 02.06.17
Fraajilistic to Classic Supreme w.e.f 28.05.17
Rosegold to Elusive Genius w.e.f 24.04.17
Q Nine Maxim to Kashan w.e.f 23.03.17
Sacred Army to Gol Goal w.e.f 23.03.17
Jeram Glory to Uncle Polo w.e.f 23.02.17
Mighty Man to Flash One w.e.f 20.02.17
Eclair Flash to Demolition w.e.f 12.02.17
Scimitar to Soon Seeker w.e.f 12.02.17
Imperial Boy to Hun Yeang Village w.e.f 07.02.17
More Than Words to Big Boss w.e.f 02.02.17
Sixday Sevennight to Soon I Will w.e.f 02.02.17
Thanatos to Luck Happy w.e.f 24.01.17
Above The Skyline to Wijaya w.e.f 10.01.17
Berni Dancer to Thong's Jiaqing w.e.f 04.01.17


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