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Jedi to Limit Up w.e.f 19.10.20
Enter The Dragon to Ayaan w.e.f 05.10.20
Provan to Run And Run w.e.f 05.10.20
Good Intentions to Bad Boyz w.e.f 28.09.20
Golden Spark to Magic Seven w.e.f 28.09.20
Forever Win to Khamsa w.e.f 21.09.20
Dicton to Legend War w.e.f 21.09.20
Super Emperor to Minhaaj w.e.f 21.09.20
Cai Poh Wang to Najah w.e.f 21.09.20
Robin Hood to Planter w.e.f 21.09.20
Super Fortune to Qaraat w.e.f 21.09.20
River Happiness to Vetri Namathe w.e.f 21.09.20
River Superstar to Vijeta w.e.f 21.09.20
Super Win to Winning Hammer w.e.f 21.09.20
Tingle Marc to Idlewild w.e.f 21.09.20
Fighting Glory to Victorem w.e.f 21.09.20
Sebastian Bach to Alcatraz w.e.f 14.09.20
Declare War to Nineteen Gale w.e.f 14.09.20
Oliver to Supreme Justice w.e.f 14.09.20
Trinity Fantasia to Kopi Bing w.e.f 07.09.20
Flash to Blessedwithfortune w.e.f 07.09.20
Transcend Natural to Strong N Best w.e.f 24.08.20
Mozart Eclipse to Georgetown w.e.f 24.08.20
Call Me Invincible to Alrali w.e.f 10.08.20
Fortyeight Queen to City Of Dream w.e.f 03.08.20
Platinum Life to Violet w.e.f 27.07.20
Hip Hip Hooray to Alghaali w.e.f 13.07.20
Clarton Star to Maximilian w.e.f 06.07.20
Clarton Palace to Mustengo w.e.f 06.07.20
Atlantic Fox to What You Like w.e.f 06.07.20
Dark Necessities to Aaskar w.e.f 06.04.20
The Nutter to Miraaj w.e.f 06.04.20
Fight For Glory to Fiddlestick w.e.f 06.04.20
Yakety Yak to Lady Stunning w.e.f 06.04.20
All Of Everything to Lula w.e.f 06.04.20
Gold Coast to Super Great w.e.f 30.03.20
Star Knight to Zero To Hero w.e.f 30.03.20
Life After U to Trinity Tarzan w.e.f 16.03.20
Fulife Brilliance to Magnum Brilliance w.e.f 16.03.20
Fulife King to Magnum King w.e.f 16.03.20
Never Enough to Trinity Elite w.e.f 16.03.20
Marquis Bee to Trinity Genius w.e.f 16.03.20
Rampage to Trinity Royal w.e.f 16.03.20
Enchanted Mister to M Eleven w.e.f 02.03.20
Titanium Force to Ocean Eleven w.e.f 02.03.20
Obstacles Free to Trinity Glamour w.e.f 02.03.20
Success Come True to Trinity Revival w.e.f 02.03.20
Keep Winning to Brother Mak Mak w.e.f 24.02.20
Chika Chan to Chinese Tea w.e.f 24.02.20
Unprecedented to Mazanze w.e.f 24.02.20
Superstardom to Chino Dinero w.e.f 17.02.20
I Am The One to What A Boss w.e.f 10.02.20
Casing Royal to Shosha Kazanan w.e.f 10.02.20
Aeolus to Winning War w.e.f 10.02.20
Siam Sapphire to Vetri w.e.f 10.02.20
Satellite Prince to Jarl w.e.f 10.02.20
Satellite Kingdom to Magni w.e.f 10.02.20
Lim's Honour to Spirit Of Safar w.e.f 10.02.20
Yulong Sheng Long to Super BB w.e.f 27.01.20
Yulong Medal to Wonder BB w.e.f 27.01.20
Volante General to Proplayer w.e.f 20.01.20
Number One Son to Tsurumatsu w.e.f 20.01.20
Spokesman to Ready To Sevenluck w.e.f 13.01.20
Analyst to Trinity Flying w.e.f 13.01.20
Cloudburst to Trinity Up w.e.f 13.01.20
Golden Kid to Samurai Express w.e.f 06.01.20
Lucky Trio to Beat The Light w.e.f 30.12.19
Rapidash to Buffalo Soldier w.e.f 30.12.19
Nobody's Fool to Heartly's Dream w.e.f 30.12.19
Tom King to Ten Emperor w.e.f 30.12.19
Star Emperor to Exceed Natural w.e.f 09.12.19
Strong N Fast to BM Pins w.e.f 09.12.19
Fire Dragon to Tyson w.e.f 09.12.19
Macho Man to Concorde w.e.f 25.11.19
Mr Washington to Trinity Honor w.e.f 11.11.19
Ray Of Hope to Trinity General w.e.f 04.11.19
Luminiff Lad to Trinity Lad w.e.f 04.11.19
Supreme Supreme to Trinity Dragon w.e.f 28.10.19
Red Empress to Trinity Rocket w.e.f 28.10.19
Jadeite to Nineteen Star w.e.f 07.10.19
Lim's Blast to Real Steel w.e.f 07.10.19
Super Mario to Trinity Pioneer w.e.f 07.10.19
Sothistheone to Hosayliao w.e.f 30.09.19
Corsa D'Oro to Atlantic Arrow w.e.f 23.09.19
Command Royale to Be Safe w.e.f 23.09.19
Military Might to Asian Jet w.e.f 23.09.19
Well Versed to Indian Jewel w.e.f 23.09.19
D'Great Ares to Rich Haul w.e.f 16.09.19
Ancient Warrior to Pearl King w.e.f 16.09.19
Flying Sky to Quasar w.e.f 16.09.19
Roughead to Rooter w.e.f 16.09.19
Big Elephant to Winner Number One w.e.f 09.09.19
Belt And Road to Trinity Grace w.e.f 02.09.19
Lively Dragon to Trinity Spirit w.e.f 02.09.19
Justice Smart to Tsurian w.e.f 26.08.19
Silver Win Fortune to Won't Budge w.e.f 26.08.19
Kuda Bagus to Watch Out Boss w.e.f 19.08.19
Smart Success to First Success w.e.f 19.08.19
Paparazzi to Passport To Rome w.e.f 12.08.19
Eight Thousand to Street Cry Success w.e.f 05.08.19
Super Tickets to Overlord w.e.f 29.07.19
Scottie to Trinity Glory w.e.f 29.07.19
For Fun Only to Ready To Roll w.e.f 22.07.19
In Full Bloom to Ready To Star w.e.f 22.07.19
Bold Passion to Ready To Strike w.e.f 22.07.19
Thai Boy to Assassin w.e.f 22.07.19
The Rock to Ping Pong w.e.f 22.07.19
Helios to God's Gift w.e.f 15.07.19
Pavarotti to Yes Bossy w.e.f 15.07.19
Darshini to Be Happy w.e.f 08.07.19
Terminator Eclipse to Monaco Ace w.e.f 08.07.19


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