The Complete Cyber Guide to Horse Racing in Malaysia and Singapore

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Mr Pacino to Flying Prada w.e.f 30.01.23
Qaidoom to Pacific Angel w.e.f 30.01.23
Topnotch to Skyscraper w.e.f 30.01.23
Ricvelo to Sebastian w.e.f 23.01.23
Iambutter to MGR Rocket w.e.f 23.01.23
Xiao Bao Bei to Pacific Bao Bei w.e.f 16.01.23
Lucky Charm to Pacific Charm w.e.f 16.01.23
South Of The River to Pacific River w.e.f 16.01.23
Albariq to Always Together w.e.f 16.01.23
Super Extreme to Ronaldo w.e.f 09.01.22
Sing Our Song to Golden Champ w.e.f 09.01.22
Buuraq to Buuraq Sixty-One w.e.f 19.12.22
AJ Golden Sixtyone to Golden Sixty-One w.e.f 19.12.22
Sahabat to Ice Out Sixty-One w.e.f 19.12.22
Kranji Jewel to Jewel Sixty-One w.e.f 19.12.22
Harry Dream to Sporty Sixty-One w.e.f 19.12.22
Silver Sixtysix to The Gray Man w.e.f 19.12.22
Den Of Thieves to Love Sixty-One w.e.f 12.12.22
Heavenly Dancer to Sky Sixty-One w.e.f 12.12.22
Ealami to Hurricane Mars w.e.f 28.11.22
Confide to TK Star w.e.f 21.11.22
Ocean Wedge to Lim's Fuji w.e.f 14.11.22
Kante to Lucky Star w.e.f 14.11.22
Lim's Pride to Mercury Storm w.e.f 07.11.22
Crystal Sixty to Southern Master w.e.f 31.10.22
Sena Seventeen to Midnight Lover w.e.f 26.09.22
Gratus to Meta Great w.e.f 19.09.22
Broke In London to Meta Spring w.e.f 19.09.22
Crystal Warrior to Southern Speed w.e.f 19.09.22
Forever And Ever to Crayon Shin-Tat w.e.f 12.09.22
Diamond Mine to Sheesh w.e.f 12.09.22
Attila to Zhu Captain w.e.f 12.09.22
Limited Edition to Final Touch w.e.f 05.09.22
Run And Run to Jet Black w.e.f 05.09.22
Mr Exchequer to Might Is Right w.e.f 05.09.22
Rings Of Fire to Topnotch w.e.f 05.09.22
Confeat to Unleash The Dragon w.e.f 05.09.22
Dragon Tycoon to Might Glory w.e.f 29.08.22
War Commander to Prestige Star w.e.f 22.08.22
Elite Invincible to Kirin w.e.f 15.08.22
Show Thunder to Lupin w.e.f 15.08.22
Street Party to Buddy Sixty-One w.e.f 08.08.22
Bonsai Ren to Winning Smile w.e.f 08.08.22
Kinver Edge to War Sniper w.e.f 01.08.22
Resolution to Malaysia Captain w.e.f 25.07.22
Lady Bla Bla to Hello Monday w.e.f 18.07.22
Mat Rock to Sharp Dressed Man w.e.f 18.07.22
Idlewild to Seven Stars w.e.f 18.07.22
Boom Shakalaka to Dragon Cavallo w.e.f 18.07.22
Believer to Golden Horse w.e.f 11.07.22
Shepherd's Hymn to Straight N Arrow w.e.f 04.07.22
Golden Teak to Life In Sixty-One w.e.f 04.07.22
Poruna Cabeza to Fortunate Sixtyone w.e.f 27.06.22
Cheyenne Dancer to Magic Sixty-One w.e.f 27.06.22
Starfortune to Shanghai Captain w.e.f 27.06.22
Winning Legend to Super Sixtyone w.e.f 06.06.22
Anara to Top Sixtyone w.e.f 06.06.22
Red Rover to Happy Thirtynine w.e.f 23.05.22
Haaland to Alliance Captain w.e.f 23.05.22
King Pin to Taiwan Captain w.e.f 16.05.22
Try Mak Mak to Jungle King w.e.f 16.05.22
Cousteau to Hijauan Valdor w.e.f 09.05.22
Pearl Dancer to She's Flying w.e.f 09.05.22
Winning Hammer to Beauty Thirtynine w.e.f 25.04.22
Modern Express to Cash Cheque w.e.f 25.04.22
Voluminous to Water Mountain w.e.f 25.04.22
Selangor Rocket to Bintang Timor w.e.f 18.04.22
Sneaky Getaway to Alpha Moltres w.e.f 11.04.22
Romance Love All to Chosen One w.e.f 11.04.22
Shine Almighty to Happy Birthday w.e.f 11.04.22
Golden States to Lucky Thirtynine w.e.f 11.04.22
Trinity Up to Mr Kirikanan w.e.f 04.04.22
Elite Conquest to Robbery Son w.e.f 28.03.22
Universal Empire to Royal Commander w.e.f 28.03.22
JK Formidable to The Jun w.e.f 28.03.22
Bethlehem to Nalati w.e.f 28.03.22
Pungarehu to Flashfast w.e.f 21.03.22
Heart Of Courage to Good Idea w.e.f 07.03.22
My Horse to Cash Out w.e.f 07.03.22
Alloloa to Qadira Medina w.e.f 07.03.22
Golden Slam to Shyam Singha Roy w.e.f 07.03.22
Motakhayyel to Xanthos w.e.f 28.02.22
Gunforhire to Back To The Future w.e.f 28.02.22
Caribbean Lady to Queen Lagertha w.e.f 21.02.22
Hostwin Queen to Matilda w.e.f 14.02.22
Man Of Mystery to Vietnam Captain w.e.f 14.02.22
Smash to Bossku w.e.f 07.02.22
All We Know to Congaree w.e.f 07.02.22
Pearl King to The Next Wave w.e.f 24.01.22
Terrific to Conflagrance w.e.f 10.01.22
Whowhatwhenwhyhoww to Gold Sky Express w.e.f 10.01.22
Dinar to Gold Ten Sixty-One w.e.f 10.01.22
Maymun to Japan Captain w.e.f 10.01.22
True Friend to Hairy Fist w.e.f 10.01.22
Maaroof to Kranji Jewel w.e.f 10.01.22
Circuit Breaker to Small Chilli w.e.f 10.01.22
Kobe to Flying Durumi w.e.f 03.01.22
Well Deserved to I'm Smart Grey w.e.f 20.12.21
Kings Shield to Happy Heart w.e.f 13.12.21
Aidehour to Flagship w.e.f 08.11.21
Rise Of Empire to Rock w.e.f 01.11.21
Gold Rush to King Ravana w.e.f 01.11.21
Super Invincible to Opunake w.e.f 25.10.21
Travis to Ho Wan w.e.f 25.10.21
Beyond Compared to Legacy Roar w.e.f 25.10.21
The Archer to Legacy Warrior w.e.f 25.10.21
Wonosobo to VK Boy w.e.f 18.10.21
The Executioner to Fortune Changer w.e.f 11.10.21
Crystal Star to Roti Kaya w.e.f 04.10.21
God Of War to Mermaid w.e.f 27.09.21
Golden Explorer to Up Up Good w.e.f 27.09.21
Overcoming to Mr G w.e.f 27.09.21
Marikh to San Andreas w.e.f 27.09.21
Almalek to The Saint w.e.f 27.09.21
Alfares to Skyfall w.e.f 27.09.21
Persian Emperor to Takreem w.e.f 27.09.21
Gravel Road to CH Fortune w.e.f 27.09.21
Super Power to No Question Asked w.e.f 13.09.21
Master Sommelier to Flaming Kirin w.e.f 06.09.21
Made In Russia to Russian Twist w.e.f 06.09.21
Bad Boy Black to Olympia w.e.f 30.08.21
Mustengo to Grandpa Mick Mac w.e.f 02.08.21
Wassergeist to Zanjabeel w.e.f 26.07.21
Barbeque to See Yah w.e.f 19.07.21
Nineteen Gale to Anyway w.e.f 05.07.21
Nineteen Glory to Fate To Win w.e.f 05.07.21
Triple Bowl to First Bowl w.e.f 05.07.21
Mr Fat Kiddy to Mr Big Brother w.e.f 05.07.21
Pini Pons to Oisin Express w.e.f 05.07.21
Yulong Edition to Cheval Edition w.e.f 28.06.21
Power of Ifreeth to Ayya w.e.f 28.06.21
Nationality to Doc Hudson w.e.f 28.06.21
Thoth Warrior to General Will Win w.e.f 28.06.21
Boundless Glory to Rusty Rust w.e.f 21.06.21
Augustus to Sound The Siren w.e.f 14.06.21
Strip It Down to Ahtims Klis w.e.f 07.06.21
Phaxe to Come On Jimmy w.e.f 07.06.21
We're The World to Mr Shortie's w.e.f 31.05.21
Burbank to Bullseye w.e.f 24.05.21
Satellite Golden to Dark Wizard w.e.f 24.05.21
Tsurumatsu to The Warriors Way w.e.f 17.05.21
Cassius to BJ Legacy w.e.f 10.05.21
Arc Raider to Moongate w.e.f 10.05.21
Miraaj to Topmost w.e.f 10.05.21
Sun Royale to Counter Attack w.e.f 10.05.21
Sun Formation to Doge To The Moon w.e.f 10.05.21
Perfect Me to Pull Your Ear w.e.f 10.05.21
Yulong Express to Ripoff w.e.f 10.05.21
David's Star to Unstoppable Trainer w.e.f 10.05.21
Sun Monarch to Winner's Euphoria w.e.f 10.05.21
Count Me In to Happy Moment w.e.f 03.05.21
Hurrian to Boy Kingsley w.e.f 26.04.21
Dionysus to Master Player w.e.f 12.04.21
Sena Fortythree to Handsome Benz w.e.f 12.04.21
Baccarat to Yogi w.e.f 05.04.21
Loving You to Come On Jenney w.e.f 29.03.21
Jumpin Jack to Fish Ball w.e.f 15.03.21
Gunga Galunga to Illustrious w.e.f 01.03.21
Where She's Happy to Intrepid w.e.f 01.03.21
Top Of The Line to Resolute w.e.f 01.03.21
So You Too to Valorous w.e.f 01.03.21
Golden Eightyeight to One Way Ticket w.e.f 01.03.21
Ideas Man to Ibex w.e.f 01.03.21
Glorious Victory to Five Hundred w.e.f 01.03.21
Spearhead to Seven Sundae w.e.f 01.03.21
River Roca to Arion Passion w.e.f 15.02.21
River Radiance to Arion Star w.e.f 15.02.21
River Brilliance to Arion Success w.e.f 15.02.21
Middle Kingdom to Endless w.e.f 15.02.21
Aramaya to Golden Ninety Two w.e.f 15.02.21
Fight My Way to Handsome Boy w.e.f 08.02.21
Tobruk to Jockey King w.e.f 08.02.21
Lim's Ray to Bang Bang w.e.f 08.02.21
Alexander Horatio to Ricvelo w.e.f 08.02.21
Gentlemen Exellent to The Marksman w.e.f 08.02.21
Just Stars to Wishuponastar w.e.f 08.02.21
Andre to Moongate Gold w.e.f 25.01.21
Athletica to Honey Bowl w.e.f 18.01.21
You Qian Zhuan to Metal World w.e.f 18.01.21
Perfect Girl to Stage The Stage w.e.f 18.01.21
Bencoolen to The Storm w.e.f 18.01.21
Wife Is Happy to Top S w.e.f 18.01.21
Yulong Jazz to Cheval Blanc w.e.f 11.01.21
Yulong Fast Steed to Cheval Rapide w.e.f 11.01.21
Yulong Green to Cheval Rouge w.e.f 11.01.21
Bejewelled to Baahubali w.e.f 04.01.21
Run The Day to Gold Valley w.e.f 04.01.21
Dominic to I'm Coming w.e.f 04.01.21


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