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Alamosa Express to Luck Mak Mak w.e.f 04.04.19
Meet And Greet to Maybe w.e.f 18.03.19
King Kong to Hello Boss w.e.f 18.03.19
Swedish Memories to Place Your Bet w.e.f 18.03.19
Abraj to My First Million w.e.f 10.03.19
On Parade to Ready To Rule w.e.f 17.02.19
Red Bird to Star Mercury w.e.f 10.02.19
Arr Flair to Ready To Dance w.e.f 31.01.19
El Condor to Super Mario w.e.f 30.01.19
Muscular Dragon to Pacific Dragon w.e.f 06.01.19
Hundred Hundred to Pacific Mission w.e.f 06.01.19
Muscular Captain to Pacific Mystical w.e.f 06.01.19
Muscular Sprinter to Pacific Secret w.e.f 06.01.19
American Sniper to Sonic Plus w.e.f 03.12.18
D'Buffalo Man to Rise w.e.f 07.11.18
Imdragon to Rocket Warrior w.e.f 01.11.18
Bandido to First Command w.e.f 25.10.18
First Excursion to Smart Warrior w.e.f 23.10.18
Major Advancement to Autumn Century w.e.f 14.10.18
Crescendo to Money Monster w.e.f 11.10.18
Sun Dance to First Dance w.e.f 25.09.18
Take Five to First Take w.e.f 16.09.18
My Lucky Strike to Prestissimo w.e.f 06.08.18
Turf Champion to Presto w.e.f 06.08.18
Morning Turf to Allegro w.e.f 06.08.18
Peace Wanted to Song Of Spring w.e.f 06.08.18
Toliman to Leading Cellist w.e.f 06.08.18
Third Rock to Accelerando w.e.f 10.07.18
Gallant Eclipse to Tom King w.e.f 10.07.18
The Cosmos to Thank You Boss w.e.f 09.07.18


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