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The Selangor Turf Club
Jalan Sungei Besi
57100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (603) 958 3888
Fax: (603) 958 5755
General Manager:
Mr Richard Term Boon Keng
History of the Selangor Turf Club (SLTC) at a canter:
  • Early 1890s:   The British Resident, Sir William Maxwell, started amateur racing in Selangor.
  • 1896:   SLTC was established. Sir Frank Swettenham, the new British Resident, was its first President. Membership stood at a grand 110.
  • March 1896:   SLTC hosted its first race meeting. Seven races each day for two days, not necessarily weekends. The A$1,000 Miner's Purse was the feature race. It has a field of two.
  • 1906:   Membership grew to 300.
  • 1939:   SLTC introduced The Selangor Gold Cup, forerunner of the Tunku Gold Cup.
    The Chairman reported a profit of $30,400.
  • 1952:   Raceday attendance exceeded an average of 14,000. Turnover exceeded $70 million.
  • 1954:   Radio broadcasts of race proceedings began.
  • 1956:   A $1million grandstand replaced the 'dear old attap shed'. Attap is the Malay word for palm frond.
  • 1957:   The 'Great Floods' prevented visiting horses from reach by Club by land. Ferries were used to bring them in.
  • 1959:   SLTC hosted the inaugural The Yang DiPertuan Agong Gold Cup (now re-named the Selangor Gold Cup).
  • 1960:   Sunday racing replaced Wednesday races.
  • 1961:   Punting at the SLTC and the other turf clubs in the MRA circuit was formalised and regulated by the Racing Act.
  • 1962:   A fire bnroke out at the Griffin Inn located in the Club. No one was injured. Some horses broke loose and were only rounded up the following day.
  • 1968:   The Selangor Gold Cup was renamed the Tunku Gold Cup in honour of Tunku Andul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, the country's first prime minister.
  • 1976:   SLTC's totalisator was conputerised.
  • 1980:   The Piala Emas Sultan Selangor (Sultan Of Selangor Gold Cup) was introduced to commemorate the birthday of His Royal Highness The Sultan Of Selangor.
    This Class 1, 1,600-metre race pioneered the 'weight-for-age' system of handicapping.
  • 1981:   A new computerised sell-pay system was launched.
  • 1982:   Computerised telephone betting was launched, replacing the manual system.
  • 1983:   Closed circuit television coverage began, linking all the turf clubs in the MRA circuit.
  • 1985:   SLTC opened its Sungei Besi Off-Course Centre.
  • 1987:   The installation of a central computer system linked SLTC to the Penang and Perak turf clubs.
  • 1988:   The Club bought 255 acres of disused mining land in Sungei Besi for its relocation.
  • October 1989:   SLTC hosted the Queen Elizabeth II Commonwealth Cup to commemorate the visit of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to Malaysia and the Club.
  • June 1980:   Work began on the Club's new premises - The SLTC Equestrian and Sports Centre, Sungei Besi.
  • November 1991:   Laying of tracks began.
  • August 1992:   The last race was run at the Jalan Ampang racecourse.
  • October 1993:   The first race was run at the SLTC Equestrain and Sports Centre. The winner was Spark Plug.
  • April 3, 1994:   The official opening of the SLTC Equestrian and Sports Centre.


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