The Complete Cyber Guide to Horse Racing in Malaysia and Singapore

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The five most successful jockeys

SAIMEE JUMAAT 1996 Singapore Gold Cup Zatopek II
(26) 1997 Lion City Cup Fischer
Selangor Gold Cup Fischer
1998 Tunku Gold Cup Ouzo
Singapore Derby Ouzo
Selangor Gold Cup Fischer
Penang Sprint Trophy Fischer
Patrons' Bowl The Jolly Roger
1999 Lion City Cup Fischer
Singapore Derby Par Excellence
Patrons' Bowl Lotsagelt
Raffles Cup Ouzo
Singapore Cup Beyond Expectation
Coronation Cup Golconda
2000 Singapore New Year 2000 Ouzo
Tunku Gold Cup Just Right
Singapore Airlines International Cup Ouzo
Queen Elizabeth II Cup Ouzo
Singapore Cup Ouzo
Yang Di Pertua Negeri Gold Cup Ballistic
2001 Singapore New Year 2000 Our Aristotle
Tunku Gold Cup Saddle Up
2002 Queen Elizabeth II Cup Fire House
Sultan Gold Vase Labu Labu
Coronation Cup Confluence
2003 Queen Elizabeth II Cup Exaggerate
2004 Selangor Gold Cup Opposing Force
OO KHUANG LIANG 1984 Yang Di Pertua Negeri Gold Cup St Gallen
(21) 1985 Queen Elizabeth II Cup Windu Karya
Pesta Sukan Cup Betsy's Pet II
1986 Sultan Gold Vase American Soldier II
1986 Coronation Cup Deer Hunter
1989 Lion City Cup Entertainment XI
Singapore Gold Cup Colonial Chief
1990 MRA Cup Colonial Chief
1990 Penang Sprint Trophy Colonial Chief
1991 Perak Derby Smile For Me II
1994 Piala Emas Sultan Selangor Rochae
1995 Queen Elizabeth II Cup Courtline Jester
Silver Cup Fischer
Sultan Gold Vase Fischer
1996 Agong Gold Cup Starman II
Singapore Derby Courtline Jester
1997 Singapore Gold Cup Lucky Treasure
1998 Silver Cup Glider Line
1999 Queen Elizabeth II Cup Beyond Expectation
Sultan Gold Vase Precedent
Yang Di Pertua Negeri Gold Cup Centroview
LESLIE KHOO  1977 Yang Di Pertua Negeri Gold Cup Super Level
(15) 1978 Tunku Gold Cup Super Level
Queen Elizabeth II Cup Sir Toby
1979 Pesta Sukan Cup Sound Of Sensation
Sultan Gold Vase Jacado
1981 Queen Elizabeth II Cup Towkay
Penang Sprint Trophy Sovereign Escort II
1982 Tunku Gold Cup Valley Fame
1983 Tunku Gold Cup Valley Fame
1984 Piala Emas Sultan Selangor Thunderbird
1985 Tunku Gold Cup Beldale Prospect
1988 Singapore Derby Grand Illusion
Piala Emas Sultan Selangor Grand Illusion
1992 Agong Gold Cup Dynamite Trio
Pesta Sukan Cup Packed And Gone
KIM CLAPPERTON 1990 Pesta Sukan Cup Batman
(14) 1991 Queen Elizabeth II Cup Man Of Honour V
1991 Penang Sprint Trophy Batman
1991 Sultan Gold Vase Olympic Boy
1992 Perak Derby Ultraman II
1993 Penang Sprint Trophy Beta Ray Bill
1993 Silver Cup Storm
1993 Raffles Cup Storm
1993 Yang Di Pertua Negeri Gold Cup Jingle Bell V
1994 Agong Gold Cup The Mailman
1994 Raffles Cup The Mailman
1995 Raffles Cup Starman II
1995 Singapore Gold Cup Grand Jury
1995 Yang Di Pertua Negeri Gold Cup Courtline Jester
DES COLEMAN 1964 Singapore St Leger Moviegoer
(13) 1966 Perak Derby Felton
Agong Gold Cup Silver Crown
1968 Perak Derby Cassini Park
Penang Gold Cup Chai Khan
1970 Penang Gold Cup Datin's Choice
1972 Penang Gold Cup Siapa Rajah
Agong Gold Cup Sentak Bulan
Pesta Sukan Cup Film Studio VI
1973 Agong Gold Cup Sentak Bulan
Singapore Gold Cup Firebrand
Penang Gold Cup Firebrand
1974 Perak Derby Firebrand


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