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Barbeque to See Yah w.e.f 19.07.21
Nineteen Gale to Anyway w.e.f 05.07.21
Nineteen Glory to Fate To Win w.e.f 05.07.21
Triple Bowl to First Bowl w.e.f 05.07.21
Mr Fat Kiddy to Mr Big Brother w.e.f 05.07.21
Pini Pons to Oisin Express w.e.f 05.07.21
Yulong Edition to Cheval Edition w.e.f 28.06.21
Power of Ifreeth to Ayya w.e.f 28.06.21
Nationality to Doc Hudson w.e.f 28.06.21
Thoth Warrior to General Will Win w.e.f 28.06.21
Boundless Glory to Rusty Rust w.e.f 21.06.21
Augustus to Sound The Siren w.e.f 14.06.21
Strip It Down to Ahtims Klis w.e.f 07.06.21
Phaxe to Come On Jimmy w.e.f 07.06.21
We're The World to Mr Shortie's w.e.f 31.05.21
Burbank to Bullseye w.e.f 24.05.21
Satellite Golden to Dark Wizard w.e.f 24.05.21
Tsurumatsu to The Warriors Way w.e.f 17.05.21
Cassius to BJ Legacy w.e.f 10.05.21
Arc Raider to Moongate w.e.f 10.05.21
Miraaj to Topmost w.e.f 10.05.21
Sun Royale to Counter Attack w.e.f 10.05.21
Sun Formation to Doge To The Moon w.e.f 10.05.21
Perfect Me to Pull Your Ear w.e.f 10.05.21
Yulong Express to Ripoff w.e.f 10.05.21
David's Star to Unstoppable Trainer w.e.f 10.05.21
Sun Monarch to Winner's Euphoria w.e.f 10.05.21
Count Me In to Happy Moment w.e.f 03.05.21
Hurrian to Boy Kingsley w.e.f 26.04.21
Dionysus to Master Player w.e.f 12.04.21
Sena Fortythree to Handsome Benz w.e.f 12.04.21
Baccarat to Yogi w.e.f 05.04.12
Loving You to Come On Jenney w.e.f 29.03.21
Jumpin Jack to Fish Ball w.e.f 15.03.21
Gunga Galunga to Illustrious w.e.f 01.03.21
Where She's Happy to Intrepid w.e.f 01.03.21
Top Of The Line to Resolute w.e.f 01.03.21
So You Too to Valorous w.e.f 01.03.21
Golden Eightyeight to One Way Ticket w.e.f 01.03.21
Ideas Man to Ibex w.e.f 01.03.21
Glorious Victory to Five Hundred w.e.f 01.03.21
Spearhead to Seven Sundae w.e.f 01.03.21
River Roca to Arion Passion w.e.f 15.02.21
River Radiance to Arion Star w.e.f 15.02.21
River Brilliance to Arion Success w.e.f 15.02.21
Middle Kingdom to Endless w.e.f 15.02.21
Aramaya to Golden Ninety Two w.e.f 15.02.21
Fight My Way to Handsome Boy w.e.f 08.02.21
Tobruk to Jockey King w.e.f 08.02.21
Lim's Ray to Bang Bang w.e.f 08.02.21
Alexander Horatio to Ricvelo w.e.f 08.02.21
Gentlemen Exellent to The Marksman w.e.f 08.02.21
Just Stars to Wishuponastar w.e.f 08.02.21
Andre to Moongate Gold w.e.f 25.01.21
Athletica to Honey Bowl w.e.f 18.01.21
You Qian Zhuan to Metal World w.e.f 18.01.21
Perfect Girl to Stage The Stage w.e.f 18.01.21
Bencoolen to The Storm w.e.f 18.01.21
Wife Is Happy to Top S w.e.f 18.01.21
Yulong Jazz to Cheval Blanc w.e.f 11.01.21
Yulong Fast Steed to Cheval Rapide w.e.f 11.01.21
Yulong Green to Cheval Rouge w.e.f 11.01.21
Bejewelled to Baahubali w.e.f 04.01.21
Run The Day to Gold Valley w.e.f 04.01.21
Dominic to I'm Coming w.e.f 04.01.21


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